Suppliers & Vendors

At Fastlane Cycles – Indy we are proud to partner with a number of suppliers and Vendors.

When searching out suppliers to help us offer you the best product, we considered the following factors:

  • Commitment to quality—Not surprisingly, product quality was regarded as an essential factor in selecting a supplier. Specifics in this realm include the suppliers’ statistical process control methods, its QS-9000 registration, its approaches to problem solving and preventive maintenance, and its methods of equipment calibration. With a manufacturer it’s important to have QC people on the team to realistically appraise the supplier’s control standards and methods of measuring quality.
  • Cost-competitive—Competitive pricing is another huge factor, especially when we want to pass on great value at a competetive price.
  • Communication—We work with suppliers that do maintain a policy of open communication.
  • Timely service—Our repair and custom build strategies are predicated on schedules, which in turn are based on receiving shipments at agreed-upon times. Reliable delivery is first among the basics of what we expect [from suppliers]. It doesn’t have to be instantaneous—it just needs to get there when they promised it would.
  • Flexibility and special services—We appreciate suppliers that take extra measures to satisfy us as their customer.
  • Market knowledge—Suppliers with extensive knowledge of market conditions and mastery of contemporary issues impacting your bike can be immensely valuable in helping us keep you and your bike on the cutting edge of  the market.
  • Production capabilities—Our supplier’s capacity for program management and production was carefully considered, including the ability to integrate design and manufacturing functions, contemporary approach to design changes, and program measurement features.
  • Logistics/Location—Supplier capabilities in this area include transportation capacity, sourcing capabilities, and ‘just-in-time’ performance.
  • Inventory—If the supplier is a distributor, the emphasis will be on how well his inventory is set up to avoid stockouts. With a manufacturer, emphasis has to be on inventory accessibility. If the supplier has a [just in time] program with 24-hour assured delivery, it’s in better condition than the manufacturer with a lot of raw material inventory and an eight-week lead time for raw material.
  • Ability to provide technical assistance—Our suppliers have top research and development capacities which can be quite valuable to you, as the customer, providing you with significant savings in both price and exceptional quality.

Here is a listing or our Suppliers and Vendors

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